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About Us

Founded in Hongkong in 2019, we are a clothing company, mainly manufacturing our designs in Seoul, South Korea and Guangzhou China.

Commitment to Sustainability

Just like you, we care about the environment and our only home (this planet). We all have a role to play in making better choices in terms of utilizing resources wherever and whenever we can. We pledge to dissect every single part of our business process and make the necessary changes to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainably-made fashion through our own Priyavil label. Work in progress.

Our Design Approach

Not everything we stock is made by us but what is follows our simple design moto : “ the trends you keep”.Trending styles that have a timeless appeal and can become your uniform to wear-on-repeat. Since we are a direct-to-consumer brand, we do not design collections 6-12 months ahead of time nor do we have complete assortments. Instead we are item driven, creating styles that work for day-to-night dressing, and have a season-less appeal. Our focus is on designs that last longer and are not disposable. Because we have cut out the middle-man of traditional wholesale we can focus on quality without the normal retail mark-up. And above all we do not believe a dress should cost half of your weekly paycheck. In addition to designing our own styles we also stock other curated brands that complement our edited selection.


We have always produce all our own label products in sustainably small, family-run factories in Seoul, South Korea and Guangzhou China, where fair wages and safe working conditions are the norm. We visit these small factories regularly. In order to minimize waste, we believe in demand-driven manufacturing and small production runs. If we need more, we put the styles on Pre-order and cut-and-sew to fulfill those orders. We are in the process of trying to find an up-cycle solution to our fabric scraps (work in progress) to further reduce any waste.



Linen - Linen is a sustainable fabric made from the Flax plant. It requires very little water and hardly any pesticides to grow. It is also a durable and comfortable fabric that is easy to wash. Linen is a great versatile fabric that can be utilized to make many different silhouettes like Summer pants, cute dresses and Fall Jackets.

Tencel - Tencel is made from dissolved wood pulp from renewable wood sources (Eucalyptus trees). It is also made in a closed loop system which means 99.5% of chemicals that are used are recycled and not thrown out as toxic waste water. It is also a very soft fabric that drapes beautifully.

Modal/ Lyocell -Modal and Lyocell also from the (Tencel group) is processed from sustainably managed beechwood forests that require no fertilizers and are also done in a closed-loop system.

Bemberg/ Cupro - is a natural biodegradable fabric that is made from cotton linter (cotton waste). Its produced in a closed loop system so the chemicals that are used are 100% recycled right back into production. It has a silky feel and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Ramie -is one of the oldest vegetable fibers used for more than 1000 years (think Egyptian mummy.) Ramie can be harvested without pesticides and relies mostly on rainwater. It is an antibacterial fabric that is 8 times stronger than cotton and extremely durable.

Organic Cotton - Organic cotton is a natural fiber that is not genetically modified, grown without harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers preventing contamination of ground water. It also requires much less water than traditional cotton relying mainly on rainwater. We source only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton fabric, widely recognized as the gold standard of sustainable processing for clothing and textiles.

Deadstock - Deadstock fabric is fabric that is leftover excess fabric from other designers or fabric manufacturers. They are usually discarded and end up in landfills as trash. Deadstock fabric works well when making limited quantity production.

Most of our sustainable efforts are concentrated in the fabric selection because it is the materials used in fashion that have the most environmental impact. Because we want to minimize our carbon footprint we try to source locally near our production facility, this means we do not have (as of yet) access to every eco-friendly fabrics and material that is out there. Some of the sustainable fabrics also have very large minimums or very long lead times which doesn’t work well with our production cycle and as a result some of our production is still being done the conventional way. The bright side is we have managed to source some beautiful sustainable fabrics that do happen to cost more but are also high-quality, easy to care for and can be transformed into pretty dresses and chic blazers. As we grow, our goal is to make 30% - 40% of our collection using eco-friendly materials by 2022 and reach 100% of eco-friendly production by 2025. Here is what we have been able to utilize in our production both certified (GOT) and non-certified so far.


 Carbon Offsets

We are actively looking for ways to off-set the carbon emissions from our fast-shipping …we have reached out to several companies that specialize in these offsets and hopefully soon we will be carbon-neutral. Stay tuned…

We are not perfect and this is a work in progress, but we are fully committed to mitigating and reducing our impact on the environment and welcome any suggestions, feedback or questions because we can and must do better.

Please reach out to us at cs@priyavil.com

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